PT. Panca Mitra Kimia is a Indonesian privately owned
Company was incorperated in the year 2009.
At the initial start of the company, the activities of the company involved the supply of chemicals for water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant and also industrial chemicals, Equipment installation, Chlorine plant equipment, chemical dosing plant equipment, and laboratory test instruments for potable Water Treatment plants.
The Company partisipated in projects that constituted refurbishment of Sewerage Treatment Plants including maintenance works, design, build, operate and transfer of Wastewater Treatment Plants, pipelaying works, Chloguard systems and Chlorine gas safety systems.

PT. Panca Mitra Kimia is manage by a team of loyal, commited and dedicated prefessionals.
With their combined knowledge on the Indonesian environment on Water, Wastewater and Sewerage Industries, and coupled with their years of “hands-on” expertise, the team assures “ best-in-class”  performance in her business segments by continuously improving and investing in the latest technology inclusive of top class personnel in order to provide unique, integrated and multi-service offerings to her Customers.

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